Step 1 - Choose a concept to explore and decide upon the five topics which will direct the exploration of this concept.


For example, when exploring the concept of Forces at Year 7 level (age 13), the five topics chosen were: Forces Overview, Balanced and Unbalanced Forces, Magnetic Forces, Electrostatic Forces and Gravitational Forces.



Step 2 - Download the Concept Cube template (click below) and open in a suitable drawing/annotation app (e.g. Notability).


Step 3 - Decide upon the drawing/imagery that will be added to each side of the cube to represent the topic being explored. A good starting point for students who are not sure what they should draw is to complete a Google image search of the topic name and view the results produced for inspiration. It is important that students do not copy and paste an image from the web but instead draw their own representation.


The image on the left is the web search for balanced forces. The drawing on the right is the resulting image used for he balanced forces section of the Concept Cube. 


Step 4 - Write scripts for each of the five topics. Plan which parts will be spoken to camera and which will be done as voice-overs, the example videos to be embedded, the props used and the annotations to be added.


Step 5 - Create the videos for each of the five topics using a suitable app (e.g. Explain Everything). The videos need to be exported to the camera roll of the device on which the augmented reality app Aurasma will be used.


The image on the left is a screenshot of the Explain Everything app and the video on the right is an Explain Everything tutorial from the YouTube channel, iPadagogy.


Step 6 - Open the Aurasma app and link the topic videos to the activation images on the Concept Cube. Don't forget to add the five auras you have just made to the channel you will share will users of your Concept Cube. The channel name should be displayed as part of the information added to the sixth side of the Concept Cube in step 3.


The video on the left shows how to set up the auras in Aurasma and add these to a channel. The image on the right shows the information content on the sixth side of the Content Cube.


To test out a Concept Cube, download the Concept Cube for Forces below (temporarily removed - July 2016), cut it out, fold it, subscribe to the 'ndumbleton' channel on Aurasma and scan away to immerse yourself in multimodal learning. 


OTHER SITES - Educational iPad Apps - iPadagogy YouTube Channel for Educational App Reviews

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