Visual learning is a teaching and learning style in which ideas, concepts, data and other information are associated with images.

Visual learners process information best when they view information in the form of pictures, diagrams, films or videos. Concept or mind maps are often the sole means of learning via the visual modality.


In actual fact, visual learning is prevalent throughout society and is quite common. Emoji/emoticons used in messaging and many of the menu icons and imagery used in mobile applications all convey knowledge and meaning with the use of visual imagery, as does much of the public information signage we encounter in the world around us.


The Concept Cube provides opportunities for visual learning in both the creation and viewing of the content.


The student has to decide upon and draw an image that distills the essence of the topic presented on each of the five faces of the Concept Cube. This requires identifying and analysing the key components of the topic to select which element is most representative or evocative of the knowledge to be learnt. A major inspiration for the inclusion of visual learning as part of the Concept Cube is the visual thinking work of Nicki Hambleton at Its All About Art


The viewer of the Concept Cube receives a highly visually stimulating exploration of the concept through using augmented reality to activate visually engaging videos on the topics.


In the slideshow below, the Forces Concept Cube demonstrates how images are selected to match a topic. For example, when investigating balanced forces, the image of a tug-of-war rope leads the viewer towards a consideration of what happens when the pulling forces on either end of the rope are balanced or unbalanced. It shows that forces can act even when an object remains stationary. 



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